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How To Choose A Baseball Catchers Gear

Updated: Jul 31

A catcher is one of the most influential players in baseball. That is why you have to wear an outfit that is protective and comfortable to be able to play comfortably. Your outfit should comprise of the four crucial pieces; a mitt, chest protector, leg guard, and mask. The four combined with a knee saver and throat protector the kit will be complete. With all these different parts of the outfit, you might not know how to purchase the costume. Use the tips below to make the buying process simple.

1 Catcher's Mitt

You need a strong and reliable outfit if you are catching heaters behind the plate. The catcher's helmet will protect your hand and wrist and this will enable you to concentrate on the game.

Catcher's mitts are different from gloves right from the design. Globes have separate finger pockets while the catcher's mitts have a pocket that keeps your fingers together so that you can reduce the chances of injuries and have enough support while playing.

2. Catchers Mask

Another important kit you need as a catcher is a two piece catchers masks that should offer you protection and should also be easy to remove. With these qualities, the mask will keep your face safe when playing and you can remove it easily when pursuing a fly ball.

Choose between the two-piece or the hockey-style masks. The two-piece style is comfortable to wear and remove when catching fly balls and playing at the plate. The mask is made with padding that will cover your forehead and jaw adequately but still, it cannot match the protection the hockey-style provides.

The hockey style is a better choice due to its superior protection qualities even though you can't pull them off easily and they will obstruct your vision.

3. Chest Protectors

The biggest portion of the kit is the chest protector which will protect your neck, shoulders, chest, and stomach while playing. The protection comes in a durable material that fits the body for protection, and it's the inner part has a cool substance to regulate your body temperature during the game.

The more the price of the chest guard the higher chance that it is better. You can differentiate between good and cheap quality by checking the outer shell. A good chest guard should have a light and soft outer shell to ease your movement during the game.

4. Leg Guards

Leg guards are important because they will protect your ankles, shins, and knees for the length of time you will be kneeling. The guards are long to cover your leg up to a few inches above the knee. The soft padding on the inside and a hard external shell on the covering will protect you from the ball and the other players.

When you are shopping for a baseball catcher's gear don't be confused by the many parts that make up the kit. Use the tips above so that your purchasing process can be easy. Here is more information on catchers helmet improvement.

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